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41. Employment, Labour Force Participation and Education: Towards Gender Equality in Bangladesh  
Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Bangladesh and Centre for Development and Employment Research are proud to present our new study "Employment, Labour Force Participation and Education: Towards Gender…  
42. Graduating LDCs in an Evolving WTO: Options and Strategies  
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Bangladesh and Centre for Policy Dialogue are proud of presenting a newly published study titled “Graduating LDCs in an Evolving WTO: Options and Strategies”. The authors…  
Livelihood Challenges of RMG Workers - Exploring Scopes within the Structure of Minimum Wages and Beyond
This paper examines the livelihood issues of the workers in the readymade garments (RMG) sector of Bangladesh, and identifies the scope of determining a minimum wage that would address their…  
The Ignored Generation - Exploring the Dynamics of Youth Employment in Bangladesh
With a large youth population, Bangladesh faces the challenges of harvesting the benefits of a demographic dividend. However, in recent years, the labour market of Bangladesh has been struggling to…  
Performance of EPZ RMG Enterprises Are They Still Better Compared to Non-EPZ Enterprises?
The policy brief examines the nature and extent of dierences in the relative performance of EPZ and non-EPZ enterprises in the post-Rana Plaza period. Based on the data collected from the sample…  
Are Subcontractee Enterprises Able to Upgrade? Insights from a Case Study
The Policy Brief presents a case study of a subcontractee enterprise which is not a member of any trade body but enlisted in the DIFE. The Brief highlights the benchmark level of social compliance…  
Workers’ Organisations in RMG Enterprises - How to Address Institutional Challenges?
The poor state of workers’ organisations at the enterprise level is the weakest part of a globally competitive readymade garment (RMG) value chain of Bangladesh. The situation did not improve even…  
Can a Sustainable Inspection System be Developed? The Case of RMG Sector in Bangladesh
The objective of this policy brief is to review the problems identified in workplace safety and security in the RMG sector and to identify the gaps of the public monitoring system in contrast with…  
'Data Universe' of Bangladesh’s RMG Enterprises - How to Meet the Data Gap?
The study aims to create a 'data universe' for the RMG sector of Bangladesh consisting of information on the RMG enterprises which are currently in operation. The study puts forward a set of…  
University of Dhaka: In Search for Excellence – Issues and Policy Recommendations
The title of the second version of the policy paper on Dhaka University is self-explanatory. The paper addresses a few pertinent issues, such as governance, faculty recruitment and student admission,…  
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