FES has started to work in Bangladesh in 2013. Since then, it has developed many long-term partnerships with local organisations.

Bangladesh Occupational Safety Health and Environment Foundation (OSHE Foundation)

The Bangladesh Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Foundation (OSHE) and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Bangladesh office have agreed to work on trade union members’ contextualised learning opportunities for fostering decent work and Just Transition from the year 2022. That will create more space to engage in policy discussions and decisions within Bangladesh and the global value chain. OSHE expects to contribute value to continue campaign on a just transition for workers with transformative social protection through social, and economic transformation. More

Research and Policy Integration for Development (RAPID)

The Research and Policy Integration for Development (RAPID) conducts development research and contributes to policy discourse. With the same objective, FES Bangladesh jointly with RAPID organized a webinar on geoeconomics and engaged policy stakeholders and a good number of Economic Reporters in 2020. That was the beginning. Afterwards, RAPID along with another partner supported to FES Bangladesh to arrange a national lab on geopolitics. Currently FES Bangladesh is collaborating with RAPID in the areas of trade opportunities, trade agreements and negotiations with the perspectives of geoeconomics. More

The Department of International Relations

The department of International Relations, University of Dhaka (IR/DU) in support of FES Bangladesh carried out a book project on Women and Work in South Asia in 2020. They have extensive networks in the academia and think tanks at national and international levels, and thus found authors from Bangladesh, Nepal, India and Pakistan to write papers for us. With the success of the book project, this year FES Bangladesh has developed another project with this IR/DU on the futures of borders. More

Centre for Governance Studies (CGS)

The Centre for Governance Studies (CGS) strives to address the challenges for Bangladesh in coping with the rapidly changing national and global scenarios. In 2021, CGS in association with FES Bangladesh organized two book launching events on geopolitics and futures of democracy. Key areas of the collaboration between CGS and FES Bangladesh are geostrategic discourses, LDC graduation, regional and global debates of geopolitics and democratic values. The wide network of CGS supports to reaching out the right audience. More

Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD)

Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD), a well renowned think tank and FES have been working together even before the formal launching of FES Office in Dhaka in 2014. This joint collaboration focuses on economic development and debates, digitalization and the futures of work, social and economic upgrading of RMG sector, livelihood and wage debates in the RMG sector, LDC issues in the WTO, and Youths and SDGs. More

Bangladesh Institute of Labour Studies (BILS)

The Bangladesh Institute of Labour Studies (BILS) and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Bangladesh office have agreed to strengthen institutional mechanisms to ensure workers’ rights in Bangladesh. Since 2014, BILS has been implementing project interventions on various labour issues of both formal and informal sectors with the support of FES Bangladesh. The cooperation has strategically enabled BILS to facilitate advocacy, capacity building and leadership development for trade unions. More

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), People’s Republic of Bangladesh and FES Bangladesh signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in 2016 for cooperative engagements. Under the MoU, several development activities especially on small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and discourse mapping through transformative change making, and economy of tomorrow have been implemented successfully in the last five years. Now the two parties have agreed upon to extend the partnership into the higher level that will focus on the geoeconomics and skills debates in SMEs. More

SME Foundation

Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Foundation, an apex institution established by the government of Bangladesh for SME development in the country is one of key partners of FES Bangladesh from 2017. The main focus areas of the partnership are the development of SMEs, especially on the debates on skills, employment creation, diversification of trades, and improving labour standards. More

Karmojibi Nari (KN)

The Karmojibi Nari (KN) and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Bangladesh office have agreed to Strengthen the Women Worker’s Platform by involving more members from worker’s organizations/TU and civil society to develop an action plan for ensuring gender justice and decent work. Since 2016, KN supporting FES to Unite and Empower Women Workers of informal sector to Involve in the workers’ Collectives for establishing their rights. More

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