Economy of Tomorrow

In the wake of economic and social challenges across continents, there is a consensus that we need new models to lead societies onto a path of sustainable economic growth. FES in Bangladesh addresses the creation of such models in several ways.

Firstly, we advocate for a stronger inclusion of labour standards in trade.

Secondly, we look at futures of work in a creative and innovative way to come up with positive visions and pathways. In particular, FES focuses on gender justice and digital transformation within a rapidly changing world of work.

Thirdly, we bring together economic thinkers and young researchers to exchange ideas on economic models for socially inclusive growth.

At last, FES supports exchanges on decent work and the creation of skills for the future in small and medium enterprises.

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Bangladesh Office

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Our recent activities in Bangladesh

Our recent activities in Bangladesh

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