The Future of the Labour Movement

With connections and roots in the German and international labour movement, FES works with its partners around the globe to promote workers’ rights and social justice. In Bangladesh, FES supports constructive social dialogues between free and independent trade unions, activists, employers, trade union solidarity organisations, think tanks and the government. What we try to help create is an equal playing field, which allows for peaceful industrial relations and fair bargaining in the formal and informal sectors.

Labour movements are not limited to national territories any longer, hence we employ our global FES network wherever we can. In this spirit, FES supports a strong women workers platform founded in Bangladesh in 2016. It supports institutional setups for tripartite conflict resolution mechanisms, and it focuses on social protection in the informal sector in Bangladesh.

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Bangladesh Office

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Our recent activities in Bangladesh

Our recent activities in Bangladesh

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