Geopolitics and Geoeconomics

Asia has been taking centre-stage for power struggles in global geopolitics in recent years. The geopolitics and geoeconomics of Asia have many dimensions. They produce complex patterns of competition, conflict, cooperation and (dis-)integration, which are all unfolding at the same time. The countries, including Bangladesh, in the region either play pro-active roles in the global games, or being influenced by others' games. Bangladesh’s geostrategic importance has increased significantly for the China–Indian rivalry in South Asia and the United States–China contestation in the Indian Ocean region. The recent mass exodus of Rohingya people from Myanmar to Bangladesh has not only become an issue of repatriation but also issues of security, terrorism and drug-peddling in the region. It goes beyond these two borders. But who is getting what? What’s the cost of the geostrategic relations and rivalries?

FES Bangladesh engages national and international experts to find out responses to the above questions and provides a platform, methodological framework and toolkit for stakeholders to analyze major internal and external dynamics and to develop strategic options to shape up the national, regional and global development paths of geopolitics.


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Our recent activities in Bangladesh

Our recent activities in Bangladesh

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