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Financing SMEs in Bangladesh: Lessons from German Experience
Limited access to financial institutions, lack of a credit guarantee scheme, screening out of small entrepreneurs during financing appear to be some of major constraints for Small and Medium…  
Development of Technical & Vocational Education System in Bangladesh: Lessons from the German Experiences
Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) create opportunities for employment creation, economic growth and developing economic resilience. The most important element of SME successes is that a skilled…  
The Future of SMEs after the Corona Crisis: Challenges & Opportunities
The Covid-19 pandemic has not only had a devastating impact on the economic condition of most countries, but also exposed the structural weaknesses of their economies. The pandemic has been a major…  
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The youth of Bangladesh is an important group with diverse socio-economic array. In various discussions, the youth has been identified as the main driving force of the country's development. But it…  
Youth, SDG Accountability & the Voluntary Local Review: Situating Bangladesh's Experience within the Global Context
The youth make up for more than half of Bangladesh’s population, much higher than the global average of about 16 per cent. The Bangladeshi youth face many challenges, on several fronts like…  
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Since the adoption of the SDGs, the role of youth has been emphasized in its implementation. Young people were expected to play a major role in the accountability process of the Voluntary National…  
Technology, Innovations and Work: Policy Options for Bangladesh
Since 2015, FES Bangladesh has been offering the Economy of Tomorrow (EOT) fellowships to students and young researchers. With this fellowship, FES wants to encourage young people to develop policy…  
Industrial Safety in the RMG Sector in the Post-Accord-Alliance Era: Is the Institutionalisation Process Slowing Down?
The paper provides evidences that the industrial safety in the readymade garments (RMG) sector in Bangladesh has been passing a critical phase with a lack of proper coordination, monitoring and…  
Geoeconomics in the aftermath of COVID-19 Pandemic: Trade and Development Perspectives from Bangladesh
In the paper, Dr Razzaque points out that there could be a prolonged period of uncertainty as some of the leading economies scramble for their economic and geopolitical gains. As Bangladesh is set to…  
Digital Trade in Services: How Can Bangladesh Seize Opportunities
Digitalization has made the local and international trade in services much easier. The expanding cross-border tradability of services is opening new opportunities for national economies and…  
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