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Geopolitics of the Pandemic: The Bangladesh Scene

The corona pandemic has been transforming the global order, and Bangladesh is one of the players. There are lots of changes happening in geopolitics – e.g. global powers are weakened, new alliances are built, regionalism is getting more momentum, vaccines have become an issue of global politics, etc.

In this situation, some critical questions such as where Bangladesh stands, how Bangladesh is managing the socio-economic and health loss, how effective are those policy and administrative initiatives to manage the crisis, which countries and actors are beside Bangladesh in this unprecedented situation, and why are they with Bangladesh – are circling on our mind.

This paper by Prof Ali Riaz analyzes the context of Bangladesh and responds to those questions, and at the end, the author provides four alternatives in moving ahead in the post-corona global political environment: status quo, muddling through, revising the course, or a radical realignment.

Geopolitics of the pandemic: the Bangladesh Scene

Riaz, Ali

Geopolitics of the pandemic: the Bangladesh Scene

Dhaka, 2021

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