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Training Module: 2: Labour Rights and Gender equality promotion in SMEs
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Bangladesh and Small and Medium Enterprise Foundation (SMEF) create resources and discourses for the development of SMEs in Bangladesh. As a part of this collaboration,…  
ICT Adoption of SMEs in Bangladesh: Present Scenario, Challenges and Way Forward
SMEs are an integral part of Bangladeshi economy. It creates approximately 7.86 million direct jobs. Despite the thriving economic progress, SMEs are reluctantly adopting ICT. The study explores the…  
13. Women and Work in South Asia: Rights and Innovations  
The book “Women and Work in South Asia: Rights and Innovations” examines the discourse of South Asian women’s work and employment trends through a feminist lens. The contributors from Bangladesh,…  
Youth Skills for Youth Employment - A Policy Perspective
This is a policy brief based on a study titled “Skills Gap and Youth Employment in Bangladesh: An Exploratory Analysis”, conducted by the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) in collaboration with…  
Skills Gap and Youth Employment in Bangladesh: An Exploratory Analysis
Which skills are the most highly demanded by employers in Bangladesh? Are Bangladeshi university students graduating with the right skills for the current labour market? Is there any skills gap in…  
Prospects and Challenges in Bangladesh’s Relationship with Germany and the European Union, on its 50th Anniversary of Independence
The bilateral relationship between Bangladesh and Germany has grown in depth and dimension over the past half-century. The two countries have enjoyed long and fruitful cooperation on most…  
17. Transforming Bangladesh’s Health Sector in the Fourth Industrial Revolution  
Bangladesh has made significant progress on population and health indicators under the Sustainable Development Goal 3. Even though accessibility, coverage and quality of healthcare remain areas of…  
18. Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Bangladesh’s IT sector  
Information technologies (IT) have led to in array of innovations and opportunities which are increasing nationally and worldwide, . the most significant being artificial intelligence (AI). Over the…  
19. Explaining Pro-Women Gender Wage Gap in Bangladesh  
The gender wage gap in the labour market is a widely discussed issue in relevant discourses and literature. Societal attitude, occupational segregation, vertical segregation, barriers to entry and…  
Financing SMEs in Bangladesh: Lessons from German Experience
Limited access to financial institutions, lack of a credit guarantee scheme, screening out of small entrepreneurs during financing appear to be some of major constraints for Small and Medium…  
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